Optimization of our training

The Delta adventure started in 2018, during a training session on a regular climbing hangboard: "I wish to be able to train on new holds, or with a pulley system, with a TRX... easily, quickly, and without my wall looking like Swiss cheese !".

This need that Théodore, one of the co-founders, raised at the time was shared by his climbing partners, Noé and Samuel, the 2 others of the future trio of the Delta company.

Théodore then proposed to invent a fast and efficient clipping system for climbing holds: that's how the idea of ​​the Deltaboard emerged !


Since the beginning, we imagined and designed the Deltaboard with the desire to offer a mounting system for climbing holds that was super easy to use. The ability to clip holds and accessories without tools, and in seconds, was non-negotiable.

Thus, after 2 years of R&D and as our experiments progressed, with the Deltaboard it is now possible to create an infinite number of grip combinations and to train on ultra-varied routines.

French partners who trust us

Another essential aspect for us was the fact of producing exclusively in France.

After many round trips and a long search for manufacturers, we are proud to offer you products that are made with passion and at a few hundred kilometers from Paris, the city where we ship all your packages!


These partners have also allowed us to refine the quality of our products and to have a more thorough reflection on the origin and the quality of the raw materials that we use for our products.

A successful crowdfunding campaign

Once we liked the product that we created, and after finding our French partners, we needed a simple and effective way to launch the first production of Deltaboards.

After research, we turned to a crowdfunding campaign.

Our campaign on the Kickstarter platform took place at the end of 2020 and we succeeded thanks to you !

See our campaign .


Filled with energy and motivation following this successful campaign, we then did everything we could to deliver our first customers before the end of the year holidays of 2020.

The very first Deltaboards were waiting for you under your Christmas tree 🎄

A freestanding support in parallel

From the start of the adventure, we had to be able to quickly test each new Deltaboard prototypes, and there were a lot of them...

One of the co-founders, Noé, had a problem: he lived in a rental and he couldn't drill and re-drill all the walls of his apartment...

The question of a self-supporting support for a climbing hangboard therefore arose very quickly.

We had several ideas to solve this problem. Nevertheless, the click started once the Deltaboard was created: we realized that we could reuse the nuts developed especially for the Deltaboard, the famous DB nuts, in the construction of our freestanding support. Thus, we could respect different principles such as ease of use, modularity and 100% made in France!

The Future of Delta Company

The strength of our products lies in their modularity.

A simple and efficient hangboard that doesn't require any tools. This is why we keep designing and producing new holds and accessories, to always offer you more options for your home trainings.


We are also trying to improve what already exists. For example, we launched a new generation of Deltaboards, thinner and more durable, in the spring of 2022.


But we are not going to stop there. I therefore advise you to follow us on our social networks to be aware of our latest news 😉