The starting point

We've been friends for a decade and rock climbing has been the heart of our friendship. Even though we prefer to climb outside, we spend most of our time in climbing gym and training at home. We are part of a new generation of urban climbers that need training tools able to follow our progress while fitting easily in our homes.

New training tools

We've always tried to improve the efficiency of our specific trainings in order to truly enjoy our rock climbing trips. The dream would be to have all the hangboards possible, but that wouldn't be very practical. To make this come true we invented the Deltaboard. It responds easily to the level of all climbers and can fulfill all their needs in a limited space.


Our goal is to offer to climbers innovative, fun and durable training solutions. Beyond the pionnering and modular aspects of our products, eco-responsability is also one of our guidelines. The Deltaboard has been designed, made and assembled in France because our planet and climbers deserve better.

  • Théodore Raby
  • Noé Ydais
  • Samuel Medvedowsky