Modular & upgradeable hangboard


A powerful & modular hangboard

The Deltaboard is an innovative hangboard designed to be easily adaptable to your climbing level and your different training exercises. Pick a hold, clip it and hang on!

If you're in Northen Europe you can buy a Deltaboard on Nature & Decouvertes's website. Otherwise, you can send us an email and we'll take your order the old way. We're working on our online shop.

Nature & Decouverte is a French shop selling eco-responsible outdoor and well being products. While we work on our online shop (soon to be live), you can order Deltaboard's product there. If you're not in Europe, please send us an email.

Buy online - Starting at 135€

We worked on many prototypes to create the perfect hangboard for climbers who want to train at home.

Clip • Hang •

Clip & Train

Our innovative clipping system allows you to plug and unplug holds, or accessories, in matter of seconds.

Create your perfect set up

There is an infinite amount of combinations. Find one adapted to your trainings and get stronger than ever.

Made for everyone

From beginners to elite climbers  everyone will be able to train smarter and better on ergonomically designed holds.

Eco and skin friendly wood

The Deltaboard is a sustainable hangboard made with robust wood from FSC forests. It will last forever and save your skin.

is funded

Our Kickstarter campaign is over. And we're fully funded

We ran a kickstarter campaign which turned out to be fully funded. This is fantastic. We're now producing the first Deltaboard's batch. If you're interested, contact us. 

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We had to rethink entirely how hangboards are made, by combining different knowledges, to create the best modular hangboard.


As climbers we know how important the choice of a hangboard is. Therefore, we reversed the problem and created a hangboard which adapts to your needs.


It is usually difficult to trace each step of traditional hangboard's production. That's not the case  with the Deltaboard. More details to come in the Kickstarter campaign !


564 x 132 x 21mm




21mm Birtch Plywood


Our team

Creating the Deltaboard has been our dream

The starting point
We've been friends for a decade and rock climbing has been the heart of our friendship. Even though we prefer to climb outside, we spend most of our time in climbing gym and training at home. We are part of a new generation of urban climbers that need training tools able to follow our progress while fitting easily in our homes.

New training tools
We've always tried to improve the efficiency of our specific trainings in order to truly enjoy our rock climbing trips. The dream would be to have all the hangboards possible, but that wouldn't be very practical. To make this come true we invented the Deltaboard. It responds easily to the level of all climbers and can fulfill all their needs in a limited space.

Noé Ydais

Théodore Raby

Samuel Medvedowsky

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